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   Clodagh Coman

       MISCP, BSc, MSc

​Clodagh is the founder and clinical lead of Empower Movement. She graduated from University College Dublin with first class honours in 2007 and obtained her masters in Royal College of Surgeons Ireland  in 2019. Her masters study on pilates in children with Cerebral Palsy went on to be published in a medical journal.

Clodagh has gained over 14 years of experience in Paediatric neuro-disability working as both a treating therapist and carrying out regional consultations as part of the national specialist clinic teams in the CRC, Dublin. She is passionate about empowering children with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities reach their movement potential and her vision for 'Empower Movement' is to achieve just that.

She is a Pilates instructor, has completed her Bobath/NDT  training in London, is qualified in advanced Halliwick therapeutic hydrotherapy and received her Youth Strength and Conditioning certificate from Elite training in 2021.


She has guest lectured undergraduate Physiotherapy students in RCSI on developmental delay and Cerebral Palsy as well as designing, running and teaching on many national courses for experienced Paediatric Physiotherapists. She is a mum of 3 young children herself and feels strongly that if you are giving up family time for therapy, it should not only be fun and enjoyable, but must be specific, effective and goal directed too.  

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