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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if my baby or child needs Phsiotherapy ?

Please use our contact us form below and one of out experienced therapists would be delighted to arrange a call with you to discuss your concerns. 


Will accessing private physiotherapy affect the position of my child on the public service waitlist or the amount therapy appointments they can be offered by their local therapy team ? 

This is a very real and understandable concern. We are very happy to say the answer is No, this will not happen. There are national policies in place to prevent this occurring. The 'National policy for Children’s Disability Network Team regarding children accessing private, independent, complementary and alternative therapies Document reference number CDNT 01' states clearly in section 7.1 'Accessing private therapy must not affect a child’s place on the waiting list for services, or the services and interventions they are offered by the team.'

It is our experience in Empower Movement that close communication on goals and therapy between private and public services enhances the experience and outcomes for the child and family. We are delighted to link in and work with therapists and other medical professionals all over Ireland and internationally to empower your baby or child reach their full movement potential. 


How often should my child attend Empower Movement?

This depends on the outcome of your child's initial assessment, the particular goals we set together and your child's availability within their everyday life. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointments as well as therapy intensives from daily to twice daily over term or school holidays. 


Can you share exercise recommendations with others who are not at the appointment ?

Absolutely, we set up a share drive for video exercises and you control who has permission to view these exercises. 


What therapy techniques do you offer at Empower Movement.

We use our detailed assessments to pick the best blend of evidenced based and clinically effective therapy techniques for our sessions. This can range from NDT to K-taping, E-stim, vibration therapy and functional strength training. Check out some of our treatments here. Our core value is that treatments should not only be engaging and entertaining but effective and challenging too. This promotes the best opportunity for neuroplasticity, skill development and motor learning. 


I have health insurance for my child- Is Empower Movement recognised as a Physiotherapy service provider by Health Insurance Companies ? Can I claim back on fees?

Yes, We meet all the requirements set by Health Insurance Companies. All our services are delivered by CORU registered therapists working for Empower Movement, which is a registered Physiotherapy Company. We can provide suitable invoice receipts for your Insurance Company. You will be able to claim back to the value set out in your Health Insurance Policy.

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